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Pre-dinner thoughts:

The sound of ocean waves soothes the soul, washing away the whirlpools that get stuck in my mind. Ride that wave into bliss.

During-dinner rant:

My freakin’ crown on one of my molar teeth fell out as I was eating dinner, and I’m in Indonesia! Great. As I survey my body, I have a badly swollen and bruised knee, scrapes on my left ankle and pinkie toe, large scrape on my right shin, and now, I’m missing a tooth.

Post-dinner conclusion:

Remembering to breath - deep breath in and breath out - and reminding myself, as my yoga teacher says, you are the bliss that exists throughout it all. Indeed, just like when I was listening to the ocean waves, with all my teeth. :D

"Ain’t nothing gonna hold me down, oh no, I gotta keep on moving."

Now I’m calling it a nite. Junk food and Hunger Games to keep me smiling (even if I am toothless.)


Jungutbatu Nusa Lembongan. Now, say that quickly five times.

I’m 10 days into my trip in Bali, and I’ve gotten bit by the blog bug with many rich experiences to share. It would be a shame to keep them all to myself. Plus, all my peeps know I love to talk.

Where to begin. Well, to catch you up, I spent 5 days in Legian - hot spot near Kuta beach. Place was infiltrated with the tourism hustle ‘n bustle I was grateful to shed in Ubud. My jaunt to Ubud was refreshing and uplifting, exactly what I was yearning for on this trip. The Balinese are so welcoming and eager to please - I felt like a queen (it did help I had Michael Franti’s house all to myself).

Now, I am on Lembogan island for another couple of days soaking up the sun and sipping on Bintangs. Had a bit of a motorbike accident that I am nursing, which isn’t hard to do on vacation - just requires more r-n-r. By the time I’m back from vaca, I will have definitely worked out the “letting go” muscle.

Which brings me to the purpose of this blog - Just be now. After being away from the daily stressors that western life exudes, I notice how more at ease and calm I am in body, mind and spirit. Being in the present is safe and peaceful. Here, I will celebrate life’s little treasures that evoke appreciation, daydreams, full belly laughs, creativity, and effortless love. I’m taking the advice of the medicine healer in Ubud: Don’t worry, be happy.