Pre-dinner thoughts:

The sound of ocean waves soothes the soul, washing away the whirlpools that get stuck in my mind. Ride that wave into bliss.

During-dinner rant:

My freakin’ crown on one of my molar teeth fell out as I was eating dinner, and I’m in Indonesia! Great. As I survey my body, I have a badly swollen and bruised knee, scrapes on my left ankle and pinkie toe, large scrape on my right shin, and now, I’m missing a tooth.

Post-dinner conclusion:

Remembering to breath - deep breath in and breath out - and reminding myself, as my yoga teacher says, you are the bliss that exists throughout it all. Indeed, just like when I was listening to the ocean waves, with all my teeth. :D

"Ain’t nothing gonna hold me down, oh no, I gotta keep on moving."

Now I’m calling it a nite. Junk food and Hunger Games to keep me smiling (even if I am toothless.)